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JFS Partners delivers buy-side, sell-side, exit planning and consulting advisory services for technology companies

M&A Advisors with the technology industry experience and expertise to ensure that every facet of a transaction, from structure to negotiations, is handled with precision.


Bringing You the Expertise, Industry Knowledge, and Network for a Favorable Outcome

M&A advisory services require a multidisciplinary approach that combines financial expertise, industry knowledge, legal understanding, and strategic planning to ensure a successful outcome for all parties involved.  It's essential to tailor the approach to the specific needs and goals of the business.


Engaging with a reputable M&A advisory firm is crucial for businesses looking to successfully navigate the complex world of mergers and acquisitions.


JFS Partners brings a wealth of technology industry experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that every facet of the transaction, from structure to negotiations, is handled with precision.

In today's dynamic business environment, partnering with JFS Partners is a strategic move that can significantly enhance the likelihood of a successful and value-maximizing transaction. 



A Different Approach to Selecting Representation

M&A Advisory

JFS Partners delivers M&A Advisory & Consulting services for technology companies.

As a boutique advisory resource, JFS Partners offers a focused scope of M&A services that empowers businesses to take advantage of market consolidation and geographic expansion.  This focus enables us to stay grounded in our area of expertise while cultivating a broad network of industry contacts and a deep understanding of the marketplace.

Whether you need consulting, guidance planning your exit strategy, growing through acquisition, or tapping your business’ true potential, JFS Partners' tailored approaches delivers value to all parties throughout the process.

What Our Client's Say




JFS Partners provided an invaluable support throughout the AITC acquisition, JFS Partners’ deep industry knowledge and commitment to delivering exceptional results were instrumental throughout the deal process.

Bryan Ballard


In today's changing world of managed service providers (MSPs), it has become more crucial than ever to have an exit plan from the beginning. By teaming up with JFS Partners, we were able to develop a growth strategy that encompassed not only financial aspects but also took into account the well-being and future of our customers and employees.

Eliot Luchansky


JFS Partners brought tremendous value as a trusted advisor throughout the VPSG acquisition. We’ve worked with JFS Partners on multiple acquisitions to reconfirm our commitment to supporting end-to-end IT and cybersecurity support for SMEs across the U.S.

Todd Molbeck

President & CEO

When we decided to explore a strategic sale of Transcendent, we chose JFS Partners because of its deep industry knowledge and experience in MSP transactions, The entire JFS Partners team provided valuable strategic advice, insight, and support throughout every step of the sale. We are extremely pleased with their partnership and the outcome.

Michael Minnich


JFS Partners was a trusted partner throughout the process. Selling a company during a global pandemic is extremely challenging. The ultimate success of the transaction came down to their industry experience and expertise in M&A. They understood our business, the unique value we bring, and the emphasis we place on our clients and employees. They knew we were looking for a people first culture and this match was a natural fit. We have exceptionally high standards and appreciate and value partners who understand our demand for excellence.

Kevin Colburn

Sr. Vice President & CIO

JFS Advisors was instrumental in providing buy-side advisory and facilitating the introduction with ASI. Their detailed understanding of our industry helped them to quickly recognize opportunities, and provide guidance that was critical to the success of the transaction.

Adam Ward


The JFS team provided a great recipe for success. Their process, resources and people greatly simplified our transaction.

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