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Sell-Side Advisory

Maximizing the value of your business and delivering a smooth transaction process

Selecting representation that understands your unique asset is complex. While there are many firms that can help sell your company, JFS Partners has the industry experience that can successfully market and sell your business for maximum value.

Whether you’re ready to sell your business today, need consulting, or are considering an exit strategy, our services will prepare your business for a successful sale that occurs on your own terms.

Ready to learn more about our sell-side advisory services? Contact us today!

Sell-side advisory services involve providing assistance to companies or business owners looking to sell their business. The primary goal of sell-side advisors is to maximize the value of the business being sold and facilitate a smooth transaction process. 

Sell-side advisory services aim to guide business owners through the process of selling their business, optimizing the sale terms, and ensuring a successful transition to new ownership. The advisory team acts as a trusted partner, leveraging expertise in valuation, negotiation, and deal structuring to achieve the seller's objectives.

Case Study

An award-winning data center and managed services provider turns to JFS Partners for long-term growth and exit strategy through acquisition. 

NetSolus Case Study
Sell-side advisory services

Conduct a thorough business valuation to determine the fair market value of the company.

Consider various valuation methods, financial performance, growth potential, and market conditions.

Strategic Planning

Assist in preparing the businesses for the sale process, including financial restructuring, addressing operational inefficiencies, optimizing EBITDA, and enhancing overall attractiveness to potential buyers.

Business Valuation

Assist in preparing the business for sale, including financial restructuring, addressing operational inefficiencies, and enhancing overall attractiveness to potential buyers.

Preparation for Sale

Maintain confidentiality throughout the sale process to prevent disruptions to the business and protect sensitive information.

Confidentiality Management

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract potential buyers.

Create marketing materials, including an information memorandum, to showcase the business's strengths and marketability.

Marketing & Positioning

Identify and approach potential buyers, which may include strategic buyers, financial investors, or unrelated industry buyers.

Manage initial inquiries and coordinate the flow of information to interested parties.

Buyer Identification

Coordinate the due diligence process by providing necessary documentation and facilitating communication between the seller and potential buyers.

Ensure a smooth and efficient due diligence process.

Due Diligence Coordination

Assist in structuring the deal to maximize value for the seller.

Engage in negotiations with potential buyers to achieve favorable terms and conditions.

Deal Structuring & Negotiation

Evaluate different transaction structures, such as cash transactions, earn-outs, or seller financing.

Financing Strategies

Develop and implement communication strategies for stakeholders, including employees, customers, and vendors.

Manage communication to minimize disruption and uncertainty during the sale process

Stakeholder Communication

Facilitate the closing of the deal, ensuring that all legal and financial aspects are completed.

Assist in the transition process, including handing over key responsibilities to the new owner.

Closing & Transition

Sell-Side Advisory Services Include:

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