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JFS Partners delivers buy-side, sell-side, exit planning and consulting advisory services for Technology Companies

Case Studies


An award-winning data center and managed services provider turns to JFS Partners for long-term growth and exit strategy through acquisition. 


Netsolus, an award-winning data center and managed services provider (MSP), sought to grow strategically through acquisition. The company needed a strategy to accelerate growth through acquisition, scale quickly and execute a successful exit plan. Netsolus searched for a partner to guide their journey and facilitate a bid process. 


JFS Partners’ expertise and extensive network in the MSP industry played a pivotal role in Netsolus’ success. Over a five-year period, JFS Partners collaborated with Netsolus to develop a growth strategy that culminated in the acquisition of NeoTech, helping Netsolus attain the necessary scale to position and market itself to potential buyers. JFS Partners then managed a formal bid process, leading to Netsolus’ acquisition by IP Pathways, which expanded IP Pathways’ existing presence in the Kansas City Region. 


The acquisition marked a significant milestone in Netsolus’ journey, highlighting the importance of advanced planning and trusted partners. JFS Partners’ commitment to client success and long-term collaboration produced a remarkable outcome. JFS Partners created a plan for a clear growth trajectory and eventual exit that prioritized Netsolus’ current customers and employees during the transition and beyond. 

“By teaming up with JFS Partners, we were able to develop a growth strategy that encompassed not only financial aspects but also took into account the well-being and future of our customers and employees.”  ~ Bryan Ballard, CEO of Netsolus

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The JFS Partners Advantage 

Engaging with a reputable M&A advisory firm is crucial for businesses looking to successfully navigate the complex world of mergers and acquisitions. JFS Partners brings a wealth of technology industry experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that every facet of the transaction, from structure to negotiations, is handled with precision. 

JFS Partners’ industry insights and extensive network can connect businesses with the right opportunities, ultimately leading to more favorable outcomes in the M&A process. In today’s dynamic business environment, partnering with JFS Partners is a strategic move that can mean the difference between a successful merger or acquisition and a missed opportunity. 

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